TOBU Cancer center 
consists of a multifunctional clinical department.

TOBU Cancer center TTC (TOBU Cancer Center)

Cancer board Cross-organizational conferences, in-hospital workshops / study sessions, and staff enlightenment
Medical function Palliative care outpatient, cancer nursing outpatient, Pharmacist outpatient, appearance support (in preparation), cancer rehabilitation, nutrition consultation, cancer of unknown primary origin, bone metastasis cluster (bone metastasis cancer), oral and vaginal care (medical and dental cooperation)
Chemotherapy center Outpatient chemotherapy, inpatient chemotherapy, regimen review
Radiation therapy Cyberknife, brachytherapy, linac, machine management
Palliative care center Palliative care outpatient, palliative care center, palliative care workshop
Cancer Support Center Cancer consultation, information provision, employment support
Regional cooperation Regional cooperation pass