Payment methods

  • Cash, credit card, and debit card are available for payment.
    • Credit cards : VISA, MasterCard, JCB, AMERICAN EXPRESS, Diners Club
    • Debit cards : Bank cards
  • Depending on your contract, you may not be able to use the above cards.
  • You may need receipts for filing tax returns (medical expenses deduction on your income tax) or application for high-cost medical expense reimbursement, so please store them carefully. We do not reissue any receipts.
  • Credit cards and debit cards are not available for payment of fees of goods that you rent during your admission. Please pay to subcontracting company by designated payment.

Payment of medical expenses

Please make a payment for medical expenses by using any of the methods below.

  • Automatic adjustment machine (installed at reception counter at the General Reception, and Emergency and Critical Care Center)
  • Cashier at the General Reception

Payment during admission

Hospitalized patients are billed on about 11th of each month for the previous month’s services. A ward clerk will provide you with your Patient ID Card. With the card, please make your payment using the automatic adjustment machine or cashier at the General Reception on the 1st floor. If you have any question about the bill, please ask the ward clerk.

  • In accordance with the Health Insurance Act, an admission fee is calculated based on admission days starting from 0:00 a.m., unlike in hotels. (If you are admitted for 2 days and 1 night, you will be charged for 2 days for an admission fee and uncovered room charge.)

Payment at discharge

If you would like to know an approximate amount in advance, please ask a ward clerk. If your billing amount has not been fixed, you cannot settle your payment on the day of discharge. In that case, a ward clerk will give you instructions on how to settle your payment.