Second opinion

Second opinion services

Second opinion is a consultation with an additional doctor for objective views and information so that patients can know more about their diseases and treatments to fully understand their treatment plans. Our doctors will interview and review your medical information provided from your current doctor and offer a written opinion.During second opinion consultations, no new treatments or tests are offered. You are asked to bring a patient referral document and your medical data, such as laboratory data and X-ray films, from your current doctor.

Eligible persons

Patient, patients’ spouses, parents, children, and siblings are eligible for second opinion consultations. Any person requesting second opinions, such as patient, spouse, parent, child, and sibling, is asked to confirm his or her identification by presenting health insurance card, driver’s license, or passport. If a patient does not attend second opinion consultation, the attending relative(s) need to obtain consent from the patient. A minor patient cannot seek for second opinion consultations by him/herself alone. A second opinion request from parents or siblings of an adult patient is regarded as that from the patient.

Diseases indicated

When you call us, please explain about your disease. Please not that, depending on details, we may not accept your request.

You are not eligible for a second opinion consultation if:

  • you have no appointment;
  • you cannot offer any document that shows the current doctor’s consent for getting second opinions, such as medical information from the current medical institution;
  • you wish to express complaints to the current medical institution or doctor;
  • a patient with malignancy, such as cancer, has not been informed of his or her diagnosis from current medical institution;
  • you cannot offer your identification document (e.g., health insurance card), or if you cannot submit patient’s consent if you are a patient’s relative;
  • you wish consultation related to a medical accident and a related lawsuit;
  • you wish consult about medical fee;
  • you wish to be treated or admitted to our hospital; (If you wish to have tests or treatments at our hospital, you (or patient) will receive medical services under health insurance at a relevant department.)
  • you wish consultation about a dead patient; or
  • you wish consultation for an issue that is outside the scope of our second opinion services.

Cost for the consultation

Please note that second opinion services are not covered by health insurance and that you are asked to pay at your expense.

  • Basic consultation fee (within 30 minutes): 11,000 yen (consumption tax included)
  • Basic consultation fee (within 1 hour): 22,000 yen (consumption tax included)
    Consultation time is 1 hour at the longest, and the basic fee is either of the above two.
  • Image diagnosis fee by diagnostic radiologists: 5,500 yen (consumption tax included)
  • Pathological diagnosis fee by diagnostic pathologists: 4,950 yen (consumption tax included)
    If diagnosis by another medical specialist is required, an additional fee will be charged.


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