Guidance for Hospital Admission

For patients being admitted

  • Please proceed with Inpatient admission procedures.
  • Weekdays⇒ Please ask for a clerk in the ward you will be hospitalized in.
  • Out-of-hour services ⇒ Please ask for a clerk at Emergency Medical Center on the 1st floor (Reception No. 10)

Necessary goods for hospital stay

Essential materials for admission procedures

  • Patient ID card
  • Guide for Hospital Admission
  • Health insurance card, medical care certificate
  • Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-Amount Application (if applicable)
  • Application for Hospital Admission and Consent Form
  • Application for Private Room (if applicable)
  • Rental Application (if applicable)
  • Written information and informed consent form (if you received the document)

The Eligibility Certificate for Ceiling-Amount Application is a certificate by your health insurance society which guarantees the payment on your behalf when the medical expense in medical institutions or pharmacies exceeded the predefined amount in a month (from the beginning to the end of each month). Your payment will decrease by presenting the certificate during hospitalization.
Please note that it is usually covered by the month you applied for and you may not be able to utilize this system unless you apply for it in the month of hospitalization. For more details on how to apply for and others, please inquire at your health insurance society.

Daily use goods

  •   Medications you are currently taking
  •   Medication record booklet (if you have one)
  •   Earphones (for TV in the shared room)
  •   Underwear
  •   Pajamas
  •   Towels
  • ○◇ Disposable diaper (if applicable)
  •   Toiletries
  •   Cup (unbreakable type)
  •   Razor or shaver (if applicable)
  •   Soap/body soap
  •   Shampoo
  •   Tissue paper
  • △◇ Indoor footwear
  •   Oral care goods (Toothbrush, Denture brash, Denture cleaner, Denture case)
  • □: Please bring with you
  • ◇: Available for purchase within the hospital
  • ○: Rental is available: Please see the separate document for details.
  • △: For those who will be hospitalized in a private room, these are provided as a set
     (except on 5th floor of West Ward and 6th floor of East Ward)

Special healing environment rooms (private/semi-private rooms)

In addition to regular rooms, special healing environment rooms (private/semi-private rooms) are available to assure the patients’ privacy and provide a comfortable environment for healing to concentrate on treatment. Please see below for the details including the charges.

In accordance with the Health Insurance Act, an admission fee is calculated based on admission days starting from 0:00 a.m., unlike in hotels. (If you are admitted for 2 days and 1 night, you will be charged for 2 days for an admission fee and uncovered room charge.)

Special Private Rooms

Room Type Price (Daily amount) Number of Rooms Size(m2
Special Room 24,200yen 1 39.45
LDR 26,400yen 1 33.31

General Private Rooms

Room Type Price (Daily amount) Number of Rooms Size(m2
One-bed Room(1017) 19,800yen 1 23.39
One-bed Room(1018) 19,800yen 1 19.30
One-bed Room 1 18,700yen
11,000yen (Pediatrics)
2(a patient & a caregiver)
One-bed Room 2 16,500yen 16 17.72~19.90
One-bed Room 3 18,700yen
11,000yen (Pediatrics)
2(a patient & a caregiver)
4(a patient & a caregiver)
One-bed Room 4 11,000yen (Psychiatry) 11 19.29
Semi-private room 3,300yen 6 8.08


Admission reception on the 1st Floor
Phone: 045-576-3000 (main); Extension, 2115, 2116
Hours: 9:00 a.m.–5:00 p.m. on weekdays (Monday to Friday)

Daily inpatient routine

For your safety

  • To avoid misidentification of patients, we will check with you your full name and date of birth
  • We ask all hospitalized patients to wear an ID wrist band (barcode, name, date of birth, and patient number are printed on it) all the time. If you are scheduled for surgery, you will be asked to wear two wristbands. Please do not take them off.
  • Trip and fall hazard
    The hospital you are hospitalized in has an environment different from your familiar home. There are additional factors such as disease, injury, compromised physical strength and motor functions, and unexpected accidents like trip or fall often occur. We strive to prevent patients from trip or fall by improving the environment. We also expect patients and family members to help us for a safe hospital stay.
  • If you have a history of trip or fall at home, please tell your nurse.
  • When walking in slippers or sandals is unstable, please wear familiar shoes that cover the heel part.


  • Leaving the hospital ward
    When you need to leave the ward while the automated door at the ward entrance is locked, please ask a ward staff member. Nevertheless, it may not be permitted depending on symptoms or others.
  • Outing/staying outside the hospital overnight
    Your need the permission of your doctor. It may not be permitted depending on your disease conditions or others. Please note that in principle you are allowed to stay outside of the hospital up to 24 hours. Please ask your doctor or ward nurse.
  • When you will have a meal other than the hospital meal, please ask your doctor or ward nurse.
  • We may ask you to change the ward or room depending on disease conditions or others.
  • Management of valuables
    Please keep valuables in the safe (safety box) in the bedside cabinet and manage the safe by yourself. We cannot keep them.
  • The estimated medical expenses (Reception hours: 9:00 am to 5:00 pm on weekdays)
    If you wish to know the estimated medical expenses before the day of discharge, please ask a ward clerk within the time window specified above. If you have any questions about the expenses, please ask a ward clerk.


Telephone: 045-576-3000