Visiting In-patients is Prohibited

To prevent COVID-19 spread in the hospital, visiting in-patients is prohibited.
In case of emergency, visiting is allowed only if the hospital permits.
Thank you for your kind understanding.

Visiting hours: From 1:00 pm to 8:00 pm
(including Saturdays, Sundays and holidays)

Reception: Security officer’s room on the 1st floor (in front of the entrance of Emergency Medical Center) or Information counter on the 1st floor

  • Please note that the visitation outside the above time window will be allowed only for an emergency such as discharge/attending the operation etc. Please understand that we may refuse visitations for other cases.

Reception methods

  • Please fill in Visitor Application Form
  • We will provide you with a visitation plate upon your submission of the form. Please show the plate on your left chest during your visitation.


  • In some admission wards, visitation of children is be permitted.
  • Please note that smoking, drinking, and talking in a loud voice is strictly prohibited in the hospital.
  • Depending on patient’s conditions, bringing in fresh flowers may be refused.
  • To prevent spread of infections, please refrain from visitation if you:
    • currently have a cold;
    • had a flu within 2 weeks or met someone with flu within 3 days; or
    • had any of the following diseases within 2 weeks or met someone with any of the following diseases within 3 weeks, or any of the following diseases is going around your school or workplace. → Measles, Varicella, Rubella, or Mumps
  • Basically, there is no need for supplemental assistance. If the family wishes to attend depending on the patient’s medical conditions, please consult with your doctor or ward nurse.
  • Parking fee discount does not apply to visitors.
  • Please note that we cannot offer any personal information of patients or information about who is admitted in our hospital even if you make an inquiry by phone.

Visitors to the East Ward on the 6th floor

  • Visitation is permitted only to parents and grandparents.
  • To prevent spreading infections, children aged ≤15 years are restricted from hospital visitation. Even siblings are not allowed to enter the ward. Also, admitted children are not allowed to go outside the ward except for the time of receiving tests or treatments.
  • In consideration for treatment environments, up to 3 visitors are allowed per visitation period.


Neonatal Intensive Care Unit (NICU) and Growing Care Unit (GCU) are wards for babies who were born early or who need treatments.
We have 6 beds in NICU and 10 beds in GCU.


  • Visiting hours are between 1:00 p.m. and 8:00 p.m. If you are not able to visit within this hour due to your family circumstances or job, please consult with us.
  • Visitors are restricted to parents and grandparents. Visitation of grandparents alone or other relatives is not permitted. Visitors are restricted to two per patient per visitation period.
  • Visitation of siblings aged ≥3 years is allowed if they are permitted by your doctor and their history of vaccination and infectious diseases are confirmed in advance. So, please note that those siblings cannot visit right away on the day of application. If you wish visitation of siblings, please consult with a nurse.

Visitors to the to the West Ward on the 6th floor(Maternity Ward)

As we promote rooming-in for newborns and mothers, you are not allowed to visit if:

  • have fever, sore throat, or cough;
  • are diagnosed with Measles, Varicella, Rubella, or Mumps;
  • have a flu or cold;
  • recently met a person with any of the diseases in the above (2) or (3); or
  • 5.any of the diseases in the above (2) or (3) are going around your school or workplace.
  • If you do not meet any of the above 5 points, and if you are the baby’s father, sibling, or grandparent, you can visit the room. Visitation of other relatives or friends is prohibited.
  • Please note that visitors are restricted to two and within 30 minutes per visitation in the room.
  • Babies cannot wear face masks. We appreciate your cooperation and understanding to restrain from visiting to protect your precious babies from infection.


Telephone: 045-576-3000