Consultation about cancer

Corresponds to changes in living. Don't worry alone

If you face a problem of "living" not only in your body and mind but also in the course of cancer progression and recurrence, please use the Medical Welfare Counseling Room or Cancer Support Center.  Anyone, not to mention the person himself, is available for consultation free of charge. If you have anxiety about your life, you cannot concentrate on treatment. Please feel free to contact us without any worries such as "I'm worried about money", "Difficulty in getting around due to sequelae and side effects", "What should I do to reintegrate into society".

Cancer Support Center

We will respond to various consultations regarding cancer and provide appropriate information. Please feel free to contact us before worrying about it alone or only your family.
Please see here for details.

Target Cancer patients and their families. We also accept consultations from anyone.
Working hour Monday-Friday (weekdays) 8:30-17:00
Consultation method Consultation by visiting the hospital or by telephone.
As a general rule, reservations are required, so please make a reservation by phone.
reservation Medical Cooperation Center, Cancer Support Center
Contact Us TEL: 045-576-3000 (main) extension9068


This is an exchange meeting where cancer patients and their families talk about their worries and experiences about their illness, life, and future. The date and time of the event will be posted on the website. Alternatively, please contact our Cancer Support Center.
The event report of Cancer Salon Sanpo-michi is introduced in "Sanpo-michi News", so please click the link to see it.

Venue Auditorium 3rd floor of the hospital
Contact Us Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hospital
Cancer Support Center
TEL: 045-576-3000 (main)