For the first visit

What is the first visit?

  • If you are visiting our hospital for the first time.
  • If your doctor has not instructed you to return to your clinic because of regular visits.
  • If the patient voluntarily discontinues medical treatment even if the patient has the same disease name and symptoms as when he / she visited our hospital last time.
  • Patients who have been cured of their previous illness and are newly visited in the same department or for the first time in another department.
  • Oral Surgery (dentistry) and other clinical department will be treated as the first visit separately.

additional fee for a first-time patient without a referral at the first visit


First consultation reception time






Closed days

Saturdays, Sundays, national holidays, year-end and New Year holidays (December 29-January 3 of the following year)

* Depending on the clinical department, there may be closed days.
For details, please see the "Outpatient Treatment Table"or "Outpatient Holiday Table" or check by phone.

What to bring

  • Health insurance card (including every medical certificates and beneficiary cards)
  • Referral letter from a medical institution (your medical and clinical information)


The number of clinical department that one patient can receive in a day
In principle, up to 2 departments

At our hospital, we treat more than 1,000 outpatients a day, and the long waiting time causes a great deal of inconvenience to the patients. Therefore, we have decided to limit the number of clinical department that can be examined on the same day so that medical treatment can be performed more smoothly.

We will make every effort to shorten the outpatient waiting time and reduce the burden on patients as much as possible.

Please contact us at the general reception on the 1st floor during the first consultation reception hours (8: 30-11: 00). We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

* We will not refuse if urgent treatment is required.

* It is up to the doctor to decide whether or not the final medical treatment is necessary.

* After the examination, we may arrange the same day consultation for another clinical department (in that case, the number of clinical department will not be limited).

How to apply to appointments?

Please fill out the medical treatment application form on the table and submit it to the general reception desk with your insurance card and referral letter. If you download the medical treatment application form from here, fill it out and bring it with you on the day of the event, the reception will be smooth (please note that we do not accept in advance).

* If you do not have a referral letter, please fill out the medical treatment application form and questionnaire and send it to the reception desk.

* If you have a hospital card, you do not need to fill out the medical examination application form.

Those who come to the hospital for the first time

Please fill in the "medical application form" and "questionnaire"

* If you have a referral letter, you do not need to fill out the "questionnaire".

Please take it to the first consultation counter of the general reception

To the reception of each clinical department / reception of each laboratory
Please submit the outpatient reception slip

Examination / examination completed

Accounting (automatic checkout machine / accounting counter)

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What is the hospital card

hospital card is common to all clinical department.
If you have a hospital card, please be sure to bring it with you when you come to the hospital.
If you lose your hospital card and reissue it, you will be charged a reissue fee. (Reissue fee 220 yen including tax)
For the purpose of providing LGBTQ + people with peace of mind, we have decided not to indicate the gender of the hospital card newly issued from January 6, 2022. The hospital card issued so far can be used as they are. If you would like to exchange your hospital card, please contact the general counter on the 1st floor.

Introduction of each clinical department Information on initial consultation and online reservation


Open PDF

Urology consultation information

Open PDF

Orthopedic Surgery consultation information

Open PDF

Reproduction outpatient consultation information

Open PDF


Open PDF


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Obstetrics consultation information

The first visit to obstetrics is by appointment only.

Reservation by phone

Working hour Weekdays 9: 00-16: 00
phone number 045-576-3000(代表)

* For details, please see "Contact regarding delivery reservations" on the obstetrics and Obstetrics & Gynecology page.

A clinical department where you can make a reservation for the first visit from the Web reservation form


Click here for reservation form



Consultation / inquiry

Information on the consultation desk and how to contact us
You can see it.