Rules in the hospital

Medical treatment may be refused due to harassment.


  1. 暴言、暴力及び威圧的、脅迫的な言動・行為
  2. 嫌悪の念を抱かせる言動及び行為
  3. 飲酒、喫煙
  4. 危険物、酒類の持ち込み
  5. 病院建物、備品及び物品の破損
  6. Promoting and selling political activities, religious solicitations, goods and services
  7. 無許可の撮影・録音・録画
  8. 職員の指示・病院のルールに従わない行為
  9. 過剰な要求・不当な要求
  10. 診療への非協力的行為
  11. 当院の業務の遂行に支障を生じさせる行為
  12. 故意の診療費不払い
  13. 社会通念上において不適切と判断される行為

About the use of mobile phones

Our hospital permits the use of mobile phones and other radio wave-using devices in the hospital according to the following rules. We kindly ask all visitors to follow the rules so as not to disturb others.

Usage rules

  1. The entire area of the hospital building will be referred to as the "manner mode area" except for the "power off area". In the manner mode area, we do not restrict the use of e-mail or the Internet in principle.
  2. Phone calls can only be made in the "Phone call permitted area". Please be sure to wear a mask when making a call.
  3. We may limit the use if there is a risk of interfering with medical treatment or for safety reasons.
  4. Please refrain from tethering and the use of wireless routers.

Please see here for details of each area


2D barcode

Free Wi-Fi service is available in the hospital.

<Available area> The entire building

<Connection method>

① Read the two-dimensional bar code on the right.
② Tap the SSID "tobu-free wifi".
③ After agreeing to the "Terms of Service", tap (click) "Connect".
* If you need a password, it is "saiseikaitobu".


  • Please set the connection by yourself.
  • << Manners when using >> Please give due consideration to the surroundings regarding the operation sound and volume of connected devices. If you want to hear the sound, please use earphones / headphones.

About guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs

We accept assistance dogs for the physically challenged in the hospital

In accordance with the Act on Assistance for the Physically Handicapped, we allow guide dogs, service dogs, and hearing dogs in the hospital. Please see here for details.
We appreciate your understanding and cooperation.

Inquiries: Outpatient support devision



Consultation / inquiry

Information on the consultation desk and how to contact us
You can see it.