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Personal information protection policy


1. 個人情報の収集について

2. 個人情報の利用について

3. 個人情報の提供について

(* 1): A third party refers to a group or individual other than the patient and the hospital, which does not meet the original purpose or has not obtained consent to use the personal information by the patient.

4. 個人情報の適正管理

5. 個人情報の開示・訂正等について

6. 問い合わせ窓口について




Handling of personal information

Please understand that this hospital will comply with laws and regulations regarding the protection of personal information and other norms, and will use the personal information of patients and users for the following purposes.

Scope of use of personal information necessary for providing medical care and sharing of information

  • Personal information necessary for diagnosis and treatment will be used in the hospital.
  • 治療を行なう上で、他の病院、診療所、福祉施設、薬局、訪問看護ステーション、介護サービス事業者、在宅医療機器取扱業者等との円滑な連携のため情報を提供いたします。
  • We will share patient information with Saiseikai Kanagawa Prefectural Hospital and Saiseikai Higashi Kanagawa Rehabilitation Hospital, which are facilities of the same company among the affiliated medical institutions.
  • We will provide information for answering inquiries from other medical institutions.
  • We may inform outside doctors and ask for their opinions for treatment.
  • When providing medical care, we may explain the medical condition to family members.
  • We will provide information to the extent necessary for the work associated with partial outsourcing of sample testing work and other outsourcing.

Scope of use related to medical insurance affairs

  • We will use the personal information necessary for medical insurance office work in the hospital.
  • We will provide information on the submission of medical fees to the examination and payment institutions.
  • We will provide information when there is an inquiry from the examination and payment institution or the insurer.
  • We will provide information to the contractor who is involved in the partial consignment of medical insurance affairs.

Scope of use in management and operation work

  • Information will be used for ward management such as hospitalization and discharge.
  • It may be used as basic material for hospital management / operation management and service maintenance / improvement.
  • It may be used to improve the quality of medical care, ensure safety, consider and report on medical accidents or prevention.
  • Since our hospital has been designated as a clinical training designated hospital, Registered Nurse training facility, etc., we will use information for cooperation in medical training such as residents, nursing students, etc.
  • It may be used for consultation or notification to medical organizations, insurance companies, etc. related to medical liability insurance.
  • Information may be provided to external auditing organizations for the management and operation of hospitals.

Scope of use in case studies, academic societies and study groups

  • It may be used by doctors / Registered Nurse and other staff for educational purposes at study sessions, case review meetings, autopsy / clinical pathology review meetings, etc.
  • We may anonymize personally identifiable information in external academic societies, study groups, academic journals, etc. before using it. If it is difficult to anonymize due to the content of the case, in principle, the consent of the patient is obtained for its use.
  • It may be used in accordance with relevant laws and guidelines in clinical research, clinical trials, post-marketing clinical trials, etc.

Scope of use for cancer control

  • Since our hospital has been designated as a regional Cancer Medical Cooperation Hub Hospital, we will provide information on in-hospital cancer registration regarding reports and research to the national government.

[Exceptions to the purpose of use, etc.]

  • Regardless of the above purpose of use, the consent of the person is an exception when it is based on laws and regulations, and when there is a request for cooperation from public organizations such as life, body, property protection, improvement of public health, sound development of children, and administration. You may use it without getting it.

Unless there is a manifestation of intention regarding the above purpose of use, it will be treated as if consent has been obtained. If you have any questions that you do not agree with, please contact the person in charge (patient consultation desk on the 1st floor).


About the purpose of use of my number

Based on the "Act on the Use of Numbers for Identifying Specific Individuals in Administrative Procedures (Number Usage Act)", we will handle it within the scope of the following purposes of use regarding social security, taxes, and disaster countermeasures. We will not use it beyond that.

1. Personal number related office work related to staff (including dependents)

  1. Office work for preparing withholding slips for salary income and retirement income
  2. Employment insurance notification office work
  3. Office work related to claims based on the Workers' Accident Compensation Insurance Law
  4. Health insurance / welfare annuity insurance notification office work
  5. Personal number related office work related to worker property formation savings system
  6. Office work related to personal residence tax

2. Personal number related office work related to the spouse of the staff

  1. Notification office work for the third insured person of the national pension

3. Personal number related office work related to individuals other than staff

  1. Office work for preparing payment records for remuneration, fees, etc.
  2. Dividends, distribution of surplus and payment record preparation of basic interest
  3. Office work for preparing payment records for real estate usage fees, etc.
  4. Office work for preparing payment records for the transfer of real estate, etc.

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Consultation / inquiry

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