Information on the second opinion

What is a second opinion?

  • By listening to objective opinions from other doctors about the diagnosis and treatment policy of the doctor (in charge) currently being treated and collecting information, you can deepen your understanding of your illness and the treatment you are currently receiving, and be convinced. The purpose is to receive medical treatment.
  • We will not provide any new treatments or tests as our doctors will provide their opinions within the scope of the stories from the patients and the materials provided by the attending physician.
  • Please be sure to bring materials such as medical information provision forms, examination data, and X-ray films created by your doctor.

Consultation case

  • The patient himself / herself with the consent of the attending physician
  • The patient's family with the consent of the attending physician and the patient

* A patient consent form is required for consultations only with persons other than the person (spouse, parent and child, siblings only).

* If you are a minor, we cannot accept consultations by the patient alone.
Please apply from the parents and sisters of patients who have reached the age of majority.

Cases which it is not subject of consultation

  • Purpose of treatment and hospitalization at our hospital
  • Those who do not have a second opinion reservation
  • When there is no document that can confirm the consent of the attending physician, such as medical information from the medical institution currently undergoing medical examination
  • Complaints about the medical institution or doctor you are currently visiting
  • Patients with malignant diseases such as cancer who have not been notified by the medical institution currently undergoing medical examination
  • Those who do not have identity verification documents (health insurance card, etc.)
  • If you cannot bring the patient consent form to anyone other than the patient
  • Consultation on medical accident proceedings
  • Consultation on medical expenses
  • For patients who have died
  • When the content of the consultation is outside the specialty of our second opinion outpatient department

* Depending on the clinical department or disease, we may not be able to accept your request. Please note.

Consultation fee

Basic consultation fee (within 30 minutes)
11,000 yen (tax included)
Basic consultation fee (within 1 hour)
22,000 yen (tax included)
Consultation time is up to 1 hour
It will be one of the costs.
Diagnostic imaging fee by a radiologist
5,500 yen (tax included)
Pathological diagnosis fee by a pathologist
4,950 yen (tax included)
If you need a diagnosis by a specialist
We will add an additional cost.

Application flow

We may not be able to accept your request depending on the clinical department
Please contact us in advance.

Please submit the "Second Opinion Application Form" by one of the following methods.
The application procedure will start.

The schedule will be decided after adjusting the schedule of the patient / doctor.
When the schedule is decided, the person in charge will contact you.

* It will take some time to decide the schedule. Please apply in advance with a margin.

After contacting the schedule, by the day before the second opinion
Please submit a referral letter by one of the following methods.

  • Bring it directly
  • Mailed by letter pack or simple registered mail

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For those who wish to have a second opinion at another facility

What is a second opinion?
The purpose is to deepen the understanding of your illness and the treatment you are currently receiving, and to listen to the objective opinions of doctors at other facilities and collect information with the aim of being able to receive medical treatment with conviction. In addition, the patient will not suffer any disadvantages.

Those who are in the hospital or outpatient and want to seek the opinions of doctors from other facilities.
 Please tell your doctor that you would like a second opinion. We will create a medical information provision form and prepare a copy of the image and examination data. There is a charge for creating the medical information provision form.

Contact Us

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