For return visits

How to proceed your reserved appointment.

Return reception machine (weekdays 8: 00-17: 00)
If you have a reservation, please go to the reception machine next to the escalator on the 1st floor.

  • Please complete the reception procedure at the return reception machine on the 1st floor during the reservation reception time.
  • 併せて保険資格情報も確認させていただきます(30日毎)。保険資格情報の確認ができない場合は自費となりますのでご注意ください。

* Children's Center outpatients are eligible for return reception machines from July 8, 2019.

* Opening time is 8:00 am. Even if you come before this, we will not be able to guide you to the hospital. Please cooperate to shorten your stay and prevent nosocomial infections.


How to apply to appointments?


Please come to the "return reception machine" next to the escalator on the 1st floor.

Please insert the hospital card into the slot of the machine

A "hospital card" and "outpatient reception slip" will be displayed, so please receive them.

It is stated in the "outpatient reception slip"
Proceed to the clinical department / laboratory reception desk and proceed to the reception desk.
Please submit the "outpatient reception slip" to the reception

Examination / examination completed

Accounting (automatic checkout machine / accounting counter)

Go home

* Please see here for changing reservations.

What is the hospital card

hospital card is common to all clinical department.
If you have a hospital card, please be sure to bring it with you when you come to the hospital.
If you lose your hospital card and reissue it, you will be charged a reissue fee. (Reissue fee 220 yen including tax)
For the purpose of providing LGBTQ + people with peace of mind, we have decided not to indicate the gender of the hospital card newly issued from January 6, 2022. The hospital card issued so far can be used as they are. If you would like to exchange your hospital card, please contact the general counter on the 1st floor.







If you do not have a reservation on the day (or if you wish to have a medical examination before the reserved date and time)

Please fill in the "questionnaire"


"Outpatient reception slip" to be given at the reception
Please take it to each clinical department reception / laboratory

If you wish to have a re-examination of "Obstetrics" outside the reservation, please come directly to the reception desk (block number 26) at the Ladies Center on the 2nd floor.
If you would like to have a re-examination of "Reproduction" outside the reservation, please come directly to block number 22 on the 2nd floor.

* If you have not had a medical examination in the past, it will be treated as your first medical examination.

その際、紹介状をお持ちでない場合は初診時選定療養費 として7,700円(税込)のご負担となりますのでご了承ください。

About additional fee for a first-time patient without a referral at the time of re-examination




Consultation / inquiry

Information on the consultation desk and how to contact us
You can see it.