Our Philosophy / Policy / Patient's Rights


We save your life with medical efforts. (()

  • Medical care that you can receive with peace of mind
  • Patient-friendly medical care
  • Medical care that is always one step ahead
  • Medical care that contributes to the local community


  • 1.医療の質の向上
  • 2.患者さんとご家族の満足度の向上
  • 3.患者さんが参加する医療の展開
  • 4.高度な急性期医療および専門医療の提供
  • 5.地域から選ばれる病院作り
  • 6.働く職員のための病院作り
  • 7.安定した経営の確保

Patients' rights and responsibilities

私たちは、患者さんと信頼関係で結ばれた医療を行うことをめざしています。 そこで、ここに「患者さんの権利と責務」について明記し、その実現にむけて、 みなさまと共に進んでいきたいと思っています。

Right to get medical care

Everyone can receive equal, safe and quality medical care regardless of religion, nationality, gender, age, nature of illness, social status. However, due to the function and specialty of the hospital, if it is expected that a situation will occur in which we cannot take sufficient responsibility, we will consult with you and take appropriate measures.

Right to be informed

患者さんは、病名、病状、治療内容及びその危険性、回復の可能性、検査内容及びその危険性、薬の効能及び 副作用などに関して十分な説明を受けることができ、診療情報の開示を求める権利があります。 研究の途上にある治療をおすすめする場合には、治療の内容や従来の治療方法との違いなどについて、前もって十分な説明をいたします。また医療従事者の研究及び教育の目的を含んだ医療行為がなされる時は、事前に説明をいたします。また医療に要する費用及びその明細について、説明を受けることができます。

Right to determine by on your own

Patients can consent, select, refuse, or withdraw from examinations, treatments, and other medical procedures at their own will, with sufficient explanation, advice, and cooperation. You also have the right to seek the opinions of other doctors (second opinions).

Right to be protected your privacy

Patients have the right not to disclose their personal medical information to anyone other than the healthcare professionals who are directly involved in the medical care.

Obligation to inform

In order to make good treatment decisions, you need to inform your healthcare professional about your own health.

Obligation to check the situation

In order to get satisfactory medical care, please try to understand the explanations and instructions of the medical professionals, and ask questions if you have any questions.

Obligation cooperate to medical care

You need to be motivated to work on a convincing and agreed policy for testing and treatment. In addition, in order to ensure that all patients receive appropriate medical care, hospital rules and instructions must be followed so as not to interfere with the medical care of other patients or the provision of medical care by hospital staff. In addition, when the acute treatment at our hospital is completed and further treatment is required, it is necessary to transfer to a partner hospital that matches the condition according to the doctor's instructions.

Obligation to pay medical expenses

Please pay the medical expenses promptly related to the medical treatment you received.

Children's rights at Saiseikai Yokohamashi Tobu Hospital

In providing medical care, we
We would like to welcome children as members of an important team.

I'll make you feel at ease.
(Right to receive appropriate medical care)

  • You can receive the best medical care in a safe environment.
  • Get compassionate nursing and support.
  • You can also play and study at the hospital.

Let's get well together.
(Right to participate in medical care)

  • You can be taught in the best possible way about what you will experience in the hospital and how to cure your illness. You can tell what you thought and how you felt at that time.
  • If you have any questions or concerns, you can talk to or listen to someone and ask them to help you feel at ease.

Your important issue will be protected.
(Respect for human rights and the right to protect personal information)

  • Children can also take good care of their personal information and privacy.
  • As a human being, children can receive treatment while observing their values, beliefs, and other important things.



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